Catering Services

Khana_khazana Catering Services is one of the most demaded services of Khana Khazana in Dubai.Having the expertise in the food business and the support of our customers has made this service a successful reality.

We undertake catering for various parties like weddings, festivals, Kitty Parties, Birthday Parties wherein we provide live cooking stations. We have the capability of catering and managing a huge crowd and cater to corporate companies as well. We also provide complete package depending on clients requirement (decorations, banquet chairs ,tables, cutleries, crockeries)

Khana Khazana Dubai Khana Khazana Dubai

We know how important your dream event is to you! Celebration is all about great food and a good time. When it comes to food, we believe taste, quality and choice are paramount. Our menu offerings are extensive.

Choose from a comprehensive list of dishes from our menu or request us to help you build a menu-plan which fits perfect for your event at an affordable price.

We create and prepare healthy, well balanced and nutritional food

Khana Khazana Dubai
Khana Khazana Dubai